Tips for biker couples. All you need to know by Our Backpack Tales.
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Tips for biker couples – All you need to know

We travel our 80% of the time on our Royal Enfield Classic 350. Why we choose bike trips rather than other modes of transport? It’s very convenient for us to get to know more about the route, learn about the local people, different offbeat places on the way and it’s the cheapest mode of travel. If you have a passion for long bike rides, it will be the best experience exploring places. After all these trips we are listing some tips for all biker couples out there.

  1. Proper riding gear

    This is one of the most important points to keep in mind. Proper riding gear is a safety measure for our rides. You may wonder why it’s necessary and sometimes it’s awkward wearing it for the first time. But safety first. Proper riding gear will always protect us from accidents. If you are a couple who travels in a bike make sure your pillion is wearing proper riding gear as well.

  2. Always keep your bike properly checked

    Before starting your journey make your bike is serviced and in a good condition. As a couple traveler, we should try to avoid breakdown situations.

  3. Start early finish early

    The best time window for couples who are traveling by bike is between 6.00AM to 6.00PM. We usually start our journey by 6.00AM in the morning and try to reach the destination or halt by 6.00PM. As it may be dangerous to travel at night through unknown places. Try to avoid night journeys at any cost.

  4. Take regular breaks

    Always remember to take regular breaks in between the ride. It’s not easy to sit as a pillion for a long time. So try to stop after every hour for 5 minutes, not more than that else you will get tired!

  5. Drink lots of water

    Water helps to rehydrate the body and keeps you in a pleasant mood throughout the journey. If dehydration starts you will start feeling sick with a headache which can spoil the trip easily.

  6. Luggage Carrier & Pillion backrestLuggage Carrier Pillion back rest for biker couples our backpack tales

    If you are traveling by bike, we will suggest getting a luggage carrier on the bike. On our first ride from Bangalore to Kodungallur, Thrissur we tied our luggage to the bike and it was so uncomfortable for the pillion. After the trip first thing we did was putting a luggage carrier on the bike. Try to get a good backrest also for the pillion for a comfortable journey.

  7. Get an Action Camaction camera for biker couples our backpack tales

    Action cam on the helmet is not a joke. It comes handy if we get into troubles, you get everything recorded on it as a proof. You can try this budget-friendly Action camera click here.

  8. Travel only for 7-8 hours

    Try to finish your journey and get to your pitstop by 7-8 hours else your body will start getting tired. This can affect your next day.

  9. Travel LightTips for Biker Couple Our Backpack tales

    Always pack only the most necessary things for a long bike journey. We always carry a single backpack which is much easier to look after and also you can carry it anywhere. Keep your valuable items, and important documents in a small handbag that you don’t leave unattended.

  10. Always review your stay

    Always book your stay through reliable booking websites. Try to read some reviews about the hotel/homestay of your choice and their amenities before your bookings. You can try Agoda which is a reliable site for booking your hotel stays.

These are some of the tips which we think are important while planning a bike trip. Hope you enjoyed the post.

Tips for biker couples all you need to know

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